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Keeping you active for life

Treating the many bone, joint and orthopedic problems that can occur to any one of any age takes skill. The expert team inside St. Bernardine Medical Center's Orthopedic Services unit treats knee pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, shoulder and hip problems, carpel tunnel syndrome and more. We are skilled in sports medicine as well as in preventative care, and offer physical therapy to restore strength, coordination, balance and over-all function. Occupational therapy helps each patient to achieve independence in self-care and activities of daily living. We also specialize in restoring movement to shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands. St. Bernardine's speech therapy assists patients with disorders ranging from swallowing to articulation and voice disorders.

Our hospital is one of the best in the state for outcomes in procedures including total hip and knee replacements, hip fracture repairs and even spinal surgery.


A body in motion, stays in motion

To maintain bone and joint health for life, St. Bernardine Medical Center's Orthopedic Services offers education, reconditioning and a complete program that keeps each patient moving freely and easily.

The team of affiliated physicians at St. Bernardine Medical Center is here to help you with almost any type of orthopedic procedure you may need. In fact, these highly-trained, multidisciplinary health care professionals are some of the best around. From the latest minimally invasive and arthroscopic procedures to more traditional surgeries, from inpatient to outpatient care, we offer top-quality diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitation care.

For more information on Orthopedic Services at St. Bernardine Medical Center, we invite you to Contact Us. Or call 800.566.SBMC (7262).

Click here for an affiliated orthopedic physician.

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